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May 5, 2004: SHilScript# Alpha 1 released
June 22, 2002: SHilScript 0.2.5 released
May 9, 2002: SHilScript 0.2.4 released
February 25, 2002: SHilScript 0.2.3 released; slight design changes
February 21, 2002: SHilScript 0.2.2 released
February 1, 2002: SHilScript 0.2.1 released
January 26, 2002: This SHilScript section added; 0.2.0 released


SHilScript# Alpha 1

Ian Overgard has ported SHilScript totally verbatim to C# over the period of a few days. This is a very early release, but Ian tells me it is quite fast -- the C++ version is currently about 30% faster, and this is with no optimizations to the C# code yet.

Download SS# Alpha 1 Assembly
Download SS# Alpha 1 Standalone Compiler Test

SHilScript 0.2.5

  • Bug in State::Step relating to JMP and RETURN opcodes that caused Step() calls to be exited too early fixed (thanks Pouya Larjani)
Download SHilScript 0.2.5

Old Releases (Unsupported)

SHilScript 0.2.4
SHilScript 0.2.3
SHilScript 0.2.2
SHilScript 0.2.1
SHilScript 0.2.0


SHilScript and the SHilScript logo are Copyright © 2002
Scott Hilbert.
For more detailed information, see the license.txt file included in the current version of SHilScript.